Creating Bundle product management .We are selling a children clothes, Maternity & Feeding, School & Travel, Nursery, Baby Care, BabyTop Shop Ireland
On this we are creating a Bundle product Management,
Admin will create bundle product using app and shopify product.

Workflow : Admin will create bundle product using app and Shopify product
-Real time product quantity sync
-In product bundle frontend ,bundle product will show according quantity

American Athleticshoe

Custom product quotation
Workflow : Admin will add product size calculation from backend
-On frontend quotation from will show on selected products
-User will fill needful details in form check quotation then submit
-Admin will connect via Email and will create draft order for that


Connect store with POS and make customize add repair ticket ,manage ticket status , payment add Filter according status and name etc…

Workflow : admin will add ticket with product and customer details
-There messaging service also available via email and phone
-admin able to filter by ticket number and according status
-Staff will manage tickets via POS system

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